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Maths Pre-Writing Board

Maths Pre-Writing Board

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A complete book you need to start practising numbers to simple math operations too..

This book is a wonderful way to get your child practice the key strokes needed to start forming the letters, numbers.

  • Fine Motor Benefits of Pre-Writing Activities: Working on pre-writing skills (lines and strokes) in hands-on ways will naturally develop your child's fine motor skills and provide them with the well-rounded handwriting skills they need for letter formation, line orientation, spacing, and hand grasp.
  • Enjoy Learning


    • Tracing helps in strengthening finger grip and develops wrist agility. It also improves hand-eye co-ordination and concentration, language, fine motor skills.


    • Each book has 8 writable pages.
    • Compact, flexible, lightweight, and perfect for travelling
    • Easily wipes away with a duster (included) for a quick cleanup
    • Wipe off with a damp cloth for a squeaky clean book.
    • Reusable and reduces paper waste.

    How to Use?

    • Simply use any chalk and draw in the chalk book.
    • To clean, wipe away the chalk with a duster or wipe it
    • clean with a damp cloth. The Chalkboard Book is
    • compact and can be stored anywhere for portability.


    • Maths Pre-writing board
    • 1 box of colored chalks
    • 1mini duster
    • 1 chalk holder.

    Product Dimension:

    8 inch X 10 inch X 0.75 inch



    2 Years and above


    Wood, Fabric



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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Priyanka Nadkarni
    About the board and chalks

    The chalks could be dust proof. The dust is not safe for kids. And those chalks do not get cleaned very easily from the board.

    Hridaan Vora
    Good old chalk and slate

    I bought this quickly as I had a long travel due with my two year old toddler. I absolutely loved it. The quality of the slate allows any chalks to be used on it which is a big relief! (I have had one in the past that required specialised chalks) The various formats allow me to introduce new concepts both to my 2 as well as my 5 year old which is a huge boon for me. The thick chalk holder allows tiny fingers to hold them taut and write comfortably! Lastly and most importantly, I hate collecting and wasting papers for practising concepts. This has fulfilled that wish allowing me to explain to my boys the concept of not wasting paper. Very happy with my purchase :)