A note from Kriti


Hi! This is Kriti, the founder of BerryBee.
People often ask me why I started BerryBee, and you know what? I just love this question, trust me. 
So, when Suhana was born, like millions of moms out there, I was also very cautious about choosing the right toys and activity stuff. Before picking anything, I had questions in mind: What if she chews it? What if the toy's colors bleed in her mouth? There were thousands of doubts.
As she was growing up, I started looking for toys that were educational but also fun. And then I realized there was a huge gap in the market. Out of need, care, and love, BerryBee was born. Additionally, I had prior experience in fabric and textiles, which made my job super easy. I started with rattles, and now we have a variety of conscious toys, including I spy mats, pre-writing boards, dine and doodle mats, colorful activity cubes, and many more that are 100% safe, engaging, and fun.
Please check out our website. You and your kid will love them!