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Fairytale Skills Bundle

Fairytale Skills Bundle

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Gift Bundle for Preschooler Little Girl.

Once your child is 2.5-3 years old, she is probably done using both rags and rattles. Therefore, something else is needed to be able to stimulate and activate the senses and skills. At Berrybee, we bring together a collection of toys for children in fabric that create a safe play.


Our Toddler Skills Bundle Consists of 4 Toys:

1. Circular Domino - She can be Anything ! Introduces your little Girl to Professions and                                        tools used by them.

2. Chalk-it Doodles - Includes 8 Pages of fun doodling in her Dreamy world and hours of                                       fun.

3. Story Pillow-Mixed up Fairytale  - Improves sequencing and story telling skills and                                                                       creates a all dodged up tale of hers.

4. Fairytale Puzzle Sticks - Improves Sequencing Skills.

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