"I Spy With My Little Eye": A Game worth Exploring Every Bit

"I Spy With My Little Eye": A Game worth Exploring Every Bit

Parenthood as a phase is a bit overwhelming yet incredibly fascinating. And parents are seemingly biased in their vision to see them grow and evolve impeccably in every sense. Although every toddler is born with some innate abilities to grab and grasp the things going around, it's not an all-nighter job performed flawlessly. Also, to allow children learn better, there's a compilation of activities less performed. And among them, one of the most entertaining games that act as a complete package of intellect and entertainment is "I Spy Game". Before we make it easy for you to play this game with your child, come and delve into the basics. 

What is A "I SPY" Game?

 A guessing game with almost no equipment required confers the parents with a bundle of benefits. Where one player (called the spy) holds an object within the vision for the other players to guess while screaming “I Spy With My Little Eye beginning with......"Unlike other bland games, the spy game is worth disbursing every moment.  

What Are Some Basic I Spy Rules?

Usually called a turn-taking game, the rules are genuinely simple. A player being called a spy picks an object of their choice within everyone's sight and reach. Followed by other players guessing the correct thing picked, confirming the category (“Is it a toy"). And that eventually leads to the winner, who becomes the spy in the next turn. The game continues until they become bored witless. Some of the rules one must follow include:

  • The player is not allowed to change the object once picked. 
  • Based on extreme grit and trust, it's a game of guards but not burglars. 

Are There Any Exemplary Benefits of an "I Spy" Game?

A game without benefits is a game you never played. And in the case of this centuries-old game, there is a bucket of godsends. Specifically, in the early phase of life, when children try interlinking the subjects around them, this helps build connections. Let us unveil the benefits before it becomes unduly hard to hold:

  • Language Skills- This turn-taking game enforces children to indulge in interactions religiously. While waiting for their turn to come, they utter a few words to make you understand in a better manner. Apart from adopting a regular vocabulary, the beginning concepts of short/long, more/less, and sizable words are easier to teach. Also, this is, in reality, an ideal way to deal with late talkers. Besides the linguistic benefits, their expressions give a sense of contentment and happiness. 
  • Social Skills- Cooperation is always better than competition, and I spy game helps bind children closely. Play and cooperation are the fundamentals that define this game. While surrounded by a close-knitted cocoon, children set themselves in their comfort zone and try indulging completely. Playing in a team, they get to know the value of teamwork and unity. Moreover, it proves to be a boon for parents who often quibble about their child being reluctant to others.  

  • Age No More A Bar- Can you name a game thoroughly enjoyed by children of all age groups? Undeniably, it's hard to name even one. However, I spy game allows children of all ages to participate equally. And working with the same rules and regulations, some general changes are made to the clues. For more youthful children, interaction becomes effortless with something they already know about. And for older ones, the guessing game goes even stronger at every level. 

  • Cognitive Development- Who denies a better working memory for their kids amidst so many distractions? A study on Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) found that excessive screen timing leads to poor brain functioning leading to disturbed sleep cycles, thinking patterns and frustrating behavior. With so many games around, it's arduous to find one that works on overall development. And you must scream with joy knowing about the I Spy being the most economical and workable game leaving impressions for years to come. It has been proven that the kids engaged in the game are superior in identifying the objects stimulated by words over images. 

We believe it's already adequate with the stimulations and what else we can expect from a game with zero investment and 100% results. If you can't stop your excitement to try one variation with your child, consider buying the best toys for your child: 

1- I Spy Mat- Sometimes, simple things do wonders in providing children with a package of skills required. The I spy Mat by Berry Bee (https://www.berrybee.in/products/i-spy-mat) is a wholesome solution to develop literacy, coordination and social skills. The desperate finding process builds a much-needed pressure on the child's mind helping them identify objects.  

Skills Acquired- Enhancement in VocabularyDevelopment of Fine Motor Skills, Sharpens Memory Recall and Observation.  

2- I Spy Bag- Do you avoid travelling just because of the mess your child creates? Take the plunge as the I Spy Bag at Berry Bee (https://www.berrybee.in/products/copy-of-i-spy-bag-midnight-blues) allows your child to have a productive time juggling with the things inside the pouch. The objects are hidden in the sealed fabric amongst the rice. It's a simple game of tweaking and shaking constantly.

Skills Acquired- Development of fine motor and visual recognition skills, Enhanced focus and concentration. 

3- Snack and Play Mat- A blank canvas always attracts creativity regardless of age. This play mat can open bundle of opportunities for your child. The printed I Spy activity on the one hand confers increased engagement and concentration, the tic tac toe and join the dots allow deeper exploration.

Skills Acquired- Sharpens Observation, Enhances Vocabulary, Fine Motor Skills, Enhances Memory Recall     


Who presumed an uncomplicated I spy activity carried on for years can bring so many unknown benefits. And it's faultlessly alright to invest a trifling amount of time and money with your child, knowing the benefits. An activity so simple, carried on with minimum resources, is worth spending every bit. 

Engage your child in this fun-loving activity and witness their development in leaps and bounds! 


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